Gene is the president and founder of the Mildren Design Group, P.C. He has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of architecture, property development, and problem solving. He has completed projects involving the complex integration of a variety of professional disciplines required for overall master development, planning, and building design. His expertise includes an understanding of the functional factors as they impact design, and the need to consider environmental, aesthetic, and code aspects of a project. Gene’s understanding of operational design and functionality has contributed to the successful completion of many projects.

He has a very strong understanding of the public processes required with respect to jurisdictional review for site design and special processes for sensitive lands, as well as for building permits. He also is quite knowledgeable of the developer’s point of view with regard to project timing, value added through efficient design of building spaces, and the impacts of material and construction costs to their financial goals.

Gene received his BA in Architecture from University of Idaho and BA in Arctic Engineering and Uniform Building Code from University of Alaska

When Gene gets free time, he loves visiting central Oregon, kayaking, and hiking. Although the most fun and best job he has is being a grandparent.